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Festival Schedules

Explore our Festival Schedule to discover not only the main event days but also a lineup of extra special and exciting events happening on various dates throughout October and November!


The schedule below is from our Day of the Dead Festival in 2023, the 2024 schedule is still under construction and will be available soon!

Family Fun Day at the St. Laurent Shopping Center
Don't miss this opportunity to engage with the Day of the Dead in a unique and interactive way. "Family Fun Day" at St. Laurent Shopping Center promises an enriching and joyful experience for all.
Indigenous Cultural Exchange Workshop
Embark on a cultural journey like no other: "Building Bridges of Understanding", a transformative workshop uniting indigenous communities from Mexico and Canada, in collaboration with the Native Women's Association of Canada.
Day of the Dead Festival Kick Off
Join us for an electrifying kickoff as we ignite the Day of the Dead Festival, where tradition, art, and culture collide in an unforgettable celebration!
Day of the Dead Festival
Get ready for an enchanting Saturday at the Day of the Dead Festival, where the spirit of Mexico comes alive through art, music, and culture!
Day of the Dead Festival Closure
Experience the grand finale on Sunday as we bid farewell to the Day of the Dead Festival with a spectacular celebration of Mexican culture, art, and tradition!

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